In Running Baccarat

In Running baccarat is a variation of online baccarat that features live dealers in real casinos. Although In Running baccarat is not offered in all online casinos, it is quickly gaining popularity and may soon rival roulette and online slots games.

Getting Started with In Running Baccarat

In Running baccarat is played very similarly to any other version of baccarat that is found in an online casino; it simply features a live dealer instead of automatic shufflers and random number generators. The players will all place their bets on the player, the banker or the tie and will be dealt two initial cards. The players simply sit back and watch as the dealer calculates the totals of the bets and pays the winning players accordingly.

Winning in In Running Baccarat

Like any other casino game, players who hope to win against live dealers in the game of baccarat online will need to have a solid understanding of the game’s rules as well as all of the handicaps. Some online casinos will utilize handicaps to make gameplay fairer for everyone involved. Players who have weak hands will be given positive handicaps, while players who have strong hands may be given negative handicaps.

The Payout

When a player is lucky enough to correctly guess the winner of a baccarat hand, the player’s initial wager is multiplied with the odds in order to determine a payout. The banker and player bets both pay out even money and the tie bet generally pays out eight or nine to one, depending on the casino. Players should also remember that winning banker bets will require them to pay up to a five percent commission.

Online baccarat has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced more than two decades ago. In Running baccarat gives players a brand new reason to enjoy one of their favorite casino games online. Why not enjoy baccarat when you play baccarat online at